Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts is pleased to announce the following upcoming events that will take place from February 23 – March 5 in at CMCA in St. Croix. Former Crucian resident, Kendal Henry from New York City will be making his second visit to St. Croix to follow up on a public artwork which was initiated a year ago. This project may focus on a theme of “Common Ground” and may reference the history and cultural use of the towns of Frederiksted and Christiansted. The project will be site specific and will be created during his ten-day residency. Artists and non-artists wishing to participate or just learn more about Public Art are invited to attend. It is Mr. Henry’s intention is to meet Virgin Islands artists and get to know their work. This Blog has been set up for this purpose.

Common Ground public art project and this residency is being sponsored by Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts, Virgin Islands Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Virgin Island Artists who wish to post to the blog should request an invitation from Kendal at

Monday, January 25, 2010

Look for The Placques Around The Island


After leaving St. Croix 25 years ago, I've always wondered what it would be like to go back. I had no family there and I'd lost contact with most of the friends I'd made in school, so didn't expect much of a reception. So therefore, I want to thank you all for making my return home so special and memorable. Thank you Barbara and Celeste, Carolyn and Jordon and Helen and Charlene. Thank you Lisa, Monica and Cynthia. Thank you Cindy. Thank you Edgar. Thank you Yemaya. Thank you Dr. Hall and Cleo and Thank you Ms. Francis. Thank you Mike and thank your daughter who's name escapes me. Thank you Kristen and Phyllis and Gwen. Thank you Danica and your 6th Grade girls. Thank you La Vaughn and Thank you Esh - see you in NYC. A special Thank you to Daphne and Diane who made sure I was comfortable. And I cannot thank Janet enough for being so persistent and making sure I made it back to St. Croix. And my biggest Thanks goes to Candia and the Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts without whom I would not have gotten the opportunity to return to St. Croix.

I encourage all of you to support the CMC. Become members, attend the shows and patronize the gift shop. Let the Museum Center know that you appreciate these exchanges.

And lastly if I forgot you- Thank you!

Most Sincerely,

At Country Day School

Thanks to Monica Marin and Cynthia Hatfield, I was able to talk to a range of students at Country Day School

La Vaughn Belle's Class at UVI

Thank you La Vaughn and class for the thought provoking discussions.

The Art Class at Good Hope

The View from the classroom

I want to thank Phyllis Biddle for inviting me to her class to share some of my work with her students. Keep up the good work guys.

Saturday, January 23, 2010



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wha happen if dey late..!? huh? dat de ain dey problem..dey don care
lawng as dey geh de pay chek!
always sum roun ah roun tory.."ah stop foh gas""eh break don back ah road"
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judgement man!!!!!!!!! ah tiRed complain.
so get it together people--justice for everyone or no peAce for anyoNe.

Empress da 4th


The Power Rangers may let down little kids in the T.V. But the V I Power Rangers lets down no man, woman, or child! Blue, Purple, Magenta, Orange, Green, Yellow, and Platinum. The Rangers of SCEC is here for all of you, weather you can tell or not.

Friday, January 22, 2010


I Eat Man-Go and Wait on No Man

East to west
West to east, and back again
"Beg no ride cause' I have a choice as a woman", I queen
A queen with a destiny of her own, a destined soul this queen
A choice made on the go
I eat man, GO!
On the road a choice is made as I go
I sometimes eat a few man,


C. Ebenezer Nisbett dba Esh Vanterpool



In tandem they spin to a non-stop beat

Rubber wheels races against the black tar heat

Sixteen’s, twenty fours, and thirty twos poses as frames

While rewound memories mimic the playful yesteryear

Colorful shirttails frolic with the wind ahead

The skies of blues and whites are my laughter


As we scream and rejoice at this,


C.Ebenezer Nisbett dba Esh Vanterpool



At 6:30 am one Sunday morning, leaving Mt. Victory, I was stopped by this magnificent tree.
Compelled to see her in her glory...I got out of my car and looked up in total amazement.
She the communicated that she knew me from a long time ago when I used to walk the rainforest on Saturday in the summer picking up mangoes!

Charlene Springer



I saw the ocean, rise and fall
I saw the buildings really tall
I saw the children running and playing
I saw the fights that ended in slaying
I saw the pelicans fly higher and higher
I saw the man set my bark on fire
I saw many hurricanes, even an eye
I saw my branches go bye, bye
I saw the woman that watered me in prayer
I am so grateful that someone should care

Charlene Springer



Dove's artwork captivates the spirit of Frederiksted. As a young girl I remember sitting with him and watching as he masterfully worked his craft as both accomplished self taught artist and hustler. These were the days when cruise ships abound and Dove catered to their sensibilities with a photo album chock full of his original oils of various genre scenes that he would reproduce on the spot. He bestowed an almost psychic memory of the downtown architectural landscape painting vivid aerial scenes that would leave one wondering if it was possible if he had actually flown over Frederiksted to create it. Dove never having left the island or been in a plane for that matter simply knew his town like the back of his hand. His is missed and today his memory lives on in a Dove scholarship awarded to a talented young Crucian artist every year.

Monica Marin

Thursday, January 21, 2010



This is one of the places where DOVE painted for years. DOVE grew up in Frederiksted and became a self taught painter whose large, mostly architectural paintings of Frederiksted, and then Christiansted, were sought after by people from all walks of life. He died several years ago and is still missed, painting on the sidewalk where we all could watch the progress of the paintings. I loved his use of bright colors, of the buildings, people walking along the streets, or even parades marching down the street with every building and tree in its place. I wish I had bought one of his works before he passed.

Carolyn Keys



A favorite sittin' spot for "limmun"
with your friends,
especially in the cool of the evening
under the street light here.

Carolyn Keys



This bakery is the site where our famous Titi bread was first baked. Now we can enjoy it in white or wheat. Ummmmm good, especially in the morning, open it up with your fingers and chuk it full with Danish brick cheese melting from the hot bread. It can be eaten at home, in the car, or while walking toward home.

Carolyn Keys



I came to St. Croix for a week in February 2005, bought a little house seven days later and have returned every winter since. St Croix gives me coral reefs and forested mountains, a diversity of people and cultural life, artists, naturalists, craftsmen, fishermen and farmers. The ocean, where I swim every day is at the foot of my hill. I see where the sea meets the sky. I look out on eternity every day. I have found my island.




Now in ruins, it once provided refuge
as flames raced through the cane fields.
A place of common ground.

Lisa Spery

Artist Opportunity!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010



Some say it is a ghost town
some say it's quiet and they like it that way...
others say it is dried up and dead,
past glories spent.

It is clean. There is not much litter.
People are friendly. There are a few good restaurants,
there is music, low rent.

So where are the artists you lament?
We are here -

Janet Cook-Rutnik



A painter and self styled exile of Dominica moves to Frederiksted and opens his business in a building that once housed the business of another self taught exile, Danish photographer, Axel Ovesen, who, too became a Crucian entrepreneur and Frederiksted figure. One made photographs of the present and the other, Joffre, makes paintings of the past.

Janet Cook-Rutnik



A Frenchman
from a Caribbean island - a chef
of 29 years in the States -
opens a restaurant in Frederiksted
and calls it Los Angeles

Janet Cook-Rutnik

Plaque Making Party

Common Ground Public Art Project Plaque Making Party Saturday, January 23, 2010
10:30 AM till the last plaque is done
at the Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts
Frederiksted, St.Croix

Bring your stories, photographs, memories, jokes,impressions, etc. to share with your fellow Crucians All are welcome!

Computers will be set up to enter your stories on the Common Ground Google Map and to enter your posts in the Blog (

Don't wait till Saturday to submit your stories, email them ASAP to with Common Ground in the Subject box.

  • The story should be about 75 words or less
  • Should have a title
  • And how you want to be identified, if at all (it is more interesting to be identified even if it's only a first name or initials
  • A placement location. Where do you want the plaque to be placed

All "plaques" will be placed on Common Ground on Google Maps.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

An Introduction to CaFE.

Call for Entry (CaFE) is a clearing house of opportunities for artists from all over the US. It lists exhibition, public art and other opportunities. IT IS FREE for artists to create a profile and use. I encourage you to at least review the site on a weekly basis to see what opportunities might be appropriate for you. Below are some upcoming deadlines. You can get more information and register at

Upcoming Deadlines - APPLY TODAY!

City of San Jose - Multiple Projects

Entry Deadline: 1/28/10

City of San Jose – Multiple Projects REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS DEADLINE: Thursday, January 28, 2010 - 10:59 p.m. Pacific Time This is an online application process only and the deadline cannot be extended The City of San Jose Public Art Program seeks to commission site-specific artworks in several different locations throughout San Jose. Some of the projects are community-focused and others will be integrated into Capital Improvement Projects. Artists can be considered for more than one project, but will not be commissioned for simultaneous projects with the City of San Jose.

City of El Paso Art Windows 2010

Entry Deadline: 1/29/10

The City of El Paso International Airport (EPIA) seeks to establish a pool of artists or artist teams from the Greater El Paso area for consideration in upcoming exhibits for Art Windows. The Art Windows program will introduce artists to our community and provide them with valuable exposure and gallery space for temporary exhibitions.

2010 South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowships for Visual and Media Artists

Entry Deadline: 1/29/10

The South Florida Cultural Consortium is a partnership between the local arts agencies of Broward, Martin, Miami-Dade, Monroe and Palm Beach Counties. The Consortium’s Fellowship program is intended to nurture the artistic development of eligible visual and media artists who reside in one of these counties. Fellowships are not project-based; recipients may use the Fellowships according to their individual needs.

Border Art Biennial 2010 / Bienal Fronteriza de Arte 2010

Fee: $1.00 (El Paso Museum of Art: Frontera Biennial Arte Concurso 2010/2010 Border Biennial Art Competition)
Entry Deadline: 1/31/10

The Border Art Biennial 2010 is a juried exhibition which highlights the often under represented art along the border region. This year the El Paso Museum of Art & Museo de Arte in Ciudad Juarez has extended the parameters to all border states in both Mexico and the United States. La Bienal Fronteriza de Arte 2010 es una exposición con jurado que pone en relieve artistas poco conocidos de la región fronteriza. El Museo de Arte de El Paso y el Museo de Arte de Ciudad Juárez han extendido este año los parámetros a todos los estados fronterizos, tanto de México como de los Estados Unidos. 2010 Jurors: - Rita Gonzalez, Assistant Curator in the Department of Contemporary Art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. - Itala Schmelz, Director at the Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil Miembros del jurado 2010: * Rita González, Curadora Adjunta del Departamento de Arte Contemporáneo del Museo de Arte del Condado de Los Angeles * Itala Schmelz, Directora del Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil


Fee: $35.00 (Texas National 2010)
Entry Deadline: 2/1/10

JUROR: Judy Pfaff. TEXAS NATIONAL Art Competition and Exhibition is celebrating its 16th year on the national scene. It was created in 1995 by the Department of Art at Stephen F. Austin State University (SFA) as an annual event for artists living and working in the United States. Jurors for each year's event have been internationally known artists including: Leon Golub, Faith Ringgold, Doug and Mike Starn, Martha Erlbacher, James McGarrell, The Art Guys, Donald Sultan, Sandy Skoglund, Jerry Uelsmann and Maggie Taylor, Ed Moses, James Surls, Paul Brach, MANUAL, Roger Shimomura, and Mel Chin. Works may be of any medium (except video or performance). Participants are eligible for $3,500 in awards, and each will receive an illustrated catalog.

Prospectus #207 Tamarind Institute

Entry Deadline: 2/4/10

The Art in Public Places Program of New Mexico Arts and the Local Selection Committee for the Tamarind Institute seek to commission an artwork for the Tamarind facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Local Selection Committee is interested in commissioning a professional photographer to document visiting artists, master printers and students working at the facility.

City of Denver: Police Training Facility/Firing Range

Entry Deadline: 2/5/10

The Denver Office of Cultural Affairs (DOCA) seeks to commission one or more artists or teams of artists to create site-specific artwork for the Traffic Operations/Firing Range campus. The new facility is being built along Interstate 25 and the South Platte River at Park Avenue West and Globeville Road, Denver, Colorado River. The funding currently designated for public art at the site is approximately $95,000 including design, fabrication, potential lighting and installation. The project is open to all artists in the U.S. working in all media and materials. Applications must be submitted on by 5:00 pm on Friday, February 5, 2010.

City of Longmont, Colorado; Art on the Move 2010-11

Entry Deadline: 2/8/10

OPEN TO COLORADO ARTISTS. The City of Longmont, Colorado is seeking submissions for the Art on the Move (AOTM) program, where artwork is displayed for 11 months in various locations throughout the City. Deadline to apply: February 8, 2010.

Design Team Roster (Portland, Oregon)

Entry Deadline: 2/12/10

The Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC) in Portland, Oregon, invites artists/teams currently living in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Northern California to submit qualifications for the RACC Design Team Roster. The deadline for submissions is 11:59PM (Mountain Standard Time) Friday, February 12, 2010. Artists previously selected for RACC’s Design Team Roster must reapply. Applications will only be accepted through the CaFE™ system (

Liberadores / Liberators

Entry Deadline: 2/12/10

MUSEO DE LAS AMERICAS in Denver invites artists and visionaries from throughout the Americas, North and South, to submit exhibition or project proposals addressing the theme Liberadores / Liberators. El MUSEO DE LAS AMERICAS en Denver, Colorado extiende una cordial invitación a todos los artistas y visionarios del Continente Americano a someter una propuestas o proyectos para participar en la exhibición titulada: Liberadores de las Americas A multi-media, multi-disciplinary exhibition featuring selected artwork, projects and / or performances will premiere at the Museo de las Americas as part of In Good We Trust 2010, DENVER BIENNIAL DE LAS AMERICAS, June 17 - August 12, 2010. Propuestas o projectos pueden ser multidiciplinarios . Los projectos seleccionados se exhibiran en el Museo de las Americas como parte de DENVER BIENAL DE LAS AMERICAS, En lo Bueno Nosotros Confiamos 2010, del 17 de Junio – 12 de Agosto 2010.

Adams County Government Center - Interior Courtyard Pieces

Entry Deadline: 2/15/10

The Adams County Visual Arts Commission is conducting an open entry competition to select permanent, site specific public art, including three dimensional pieces, to be placed in two 30 X 60 foot interior courtyards flanking the main entrance of the new multi-million dollar Adams County Government Center. The Center is currently under construction at 124th and Sable Blvd., Brighton, Colorado and is due to open in the Spring of 2011. The art should reflect the background, history and future of Adams County, and should be appropriate for the function and location of the Complex. Submissions may be designed separately for each courtyard or may integrate both courtyards. The submissions may be original works or limited edition works with geographic restrictions. The courtyards sites will abut pedestrian corridors, but will not be accessible to the public. The 60 foot long corridor side walls will be floor to ceiling glass and two of the other courtyard walls will have large glass viewing windows from the level of approximately two feet off the ground. One of the short side walls and about one-half of the long back wall of each courtyard will be brick. The courtyards will be easily visible from the exterior of the building through glass walls on the outside of the pedestrian corridors. The courtyards will be in a one story area and open to the sky, but the works must not extend above the height of the interior walls. Works must require minimum maintenance as the courtyards will have only limited maintenance access. There will be limited power to the courtyards and no lighting. Artists are encouraged to submit a separate independent work intended for one of the courtyards, or an integrated work tying both courtyards together conceptually, or both. The courtyards will be separated by approximately 300 feet and will not be visible from each other. PLEASE SEE ATTACHED IMAGES OF COURTYARD ROUGH INS


Fee: $45.00 (Washington Sculptors Group: Constructed Group)
Entry Deadline: 2/15/10

Open to new and current members of the Washington Sculptors Group, Constructed Place at Annmarie Garden Sculpture Park and Arts Center, an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution in Solomons, MD, will showcase works that form environments, or that are themselves environments. Works should invite viewers to interact with, or be immersed in the spaces that are created. Freestanding, wall-hung, and lightweight ceiling-hung sculpture will be accepted. Performance works, time-based, and new-media works will also be considered. Artists are encouraged to propose site-specific or previously unrealized works that can be completed on site. Outdoor work for Constructed Place will be installed in the sculpture park alongside the 25+ works that are currently on loan from the Smithsonian Institution’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. Selected indoor work will be featured on the first floor gallery of the recently-constructed arts building which has 22 ft. high ceilings and an 8' x 8' ground level entry. A first place prize sponsored by Annmarie Garden will be awarded.

Miami Dade Art in Public Places: New Media Project for SPCGC Lobby


Entry Deadline: 2/19/10

NEW MEDIA PROJECT-Stephen P. Clark Government Center Lobby Project: Miami-Dade County Art in Public Places/GSA Budget: $165,000 Location: 111 NW 1st Street, Miami, Fl 33128 Deadline: February 19, 2010 Eligibility: Open Call to all artists residing in Miami-Dade County The Miami-Dade County General Services Administration (GSA) and Miami-Dade Department of Cultural Affairs through its Art in Public Places Program request qualifications from professional artists working in new media technologies to create an installation for the lobby of the Stephen P. Clark Government Center, downtown Miami. The selected artist will develop a creative response to the activities that take place at the government center and transform the lobby into a merger of art, technology and culture.

City of Seattle - First Hill Streetcar

Entry Deadline: 2/22/10

The Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs seeks an artist to develop site-integrated artwork for the new Seattle Streetcar line serving the Chinatown/International District, First Hill and Capitol Hill neighborhoods. The selected artist will work with the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) and their consultants from the early stages of design through construction of the First Hill Streetcar. The artist will develop a combination of artwork(s) and design enhancements to be integrated during construction of the streetcar line. The artist will be asked to apply a consistent design sensibility throughout the project. The design should include reproducible or repeating elements and components that contribute to the overall identity of the streetcar line. Artists with experience in both art and design will be well-suited for this project. The street right-of-way provides very limited space for artwork. Free-standing sculpture will not be considered. The application deadline is Monday, February 22, 2010, 11:00 p.m., Pacific Standard Time.

Prospectus #205 Santa Fe Community College

Entry Deadline: 2/25/10

The Art in Public Places Program of New Mexico Arts and the Local Selection Committee at Santa Fe Community College seek to commission an artist or artist team to create artwork that responds visually and conceptually to the campus on Richard’s Avenue in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The committee anticipates the artwork to be highly interactive, instructive, thought provoking, pleasant, fascinating and connected to the core values of this community based institution of higher learning. Professional artists who are legal residents of New Mexico and who are experienced in creating public funded commission projects are invited to submit qualifications to this opportunity. $84,250 is available for this project.

Alaska Contemporary Art Bank

Entry Deadline: 2/28/10

The Alaska State Council on the Arts is seeking 2D and 3D relocatable artwork for the Alaska Contemporary Art Bank, an Art in Public Places program. ALASKAN ARTISTS only. Deadline for submission is 09:59 PM AST, Feb. 28, 2010.

CraftTexas 2010

Fee: $35.00 (CraftTexas 2010 Application Fee)
Entry Deadline: 3/1/10

CraftTexas 2010 is open to all artists currently residing in Texas. In the Fall of 2010, Houston Center for Contemporary Craft (HCCC) will host one of its biggest and most loved shows, CraftTexas 2010, the sixth in a series of juried exhibitions showcasing the best in Texas-made contemporary craft. Formerly known as CraftHouston, the show’s new title, CraftTexas, more accurately reflects the participating artists from all over the state who work in clay, fiber, glass, metal and wood media and in found/recycled materials. This unique show, which will be captured in a DVD catalogue and may be toured, provides Texas artists the opportunity to be considered for inclusion in major national museum and private collections. The exhibition also serves as a starting place for the general public to appreciate the depth and breadth of art being made in our own communities and across the state. CraftTexas 2010 will be juried by Gail M. Brown, independent Curator of Contemporary Craft from Philadelphia, PA; Cindy Hickok, internationally acclaimed fiber artist from Houston, TX; and Paula Owen, president of the Southwest School of Arts and Crafts in San Antonio, TX.

California Community Foundation: Fellowships For Visual Artists 2010

Entry Deadline: 3/5/10

For more than 90 years, the California Community Foundation (CCF) has recognized, encouraged and supported the Southern California arts community by funding and nurturing a full range of artistic expressions. The Fellowship for Visual Artists is designed to support local emerging and mid-career artists in advancing to the next level of professional development. Must be resident of Los Angeles County to apply.

Alameda County Arts Commission: Artist Registry - Site Specific Public Artwork

Entry Deadline: 3/19/10

Open to professional artists residing in California.* Many of Alameda County’s capital improvement projects include a Percent-for-Art Program in which professional artists are commissioned to make artwork for each site. Due to the upcoming schedule of construction projects, many of the artists commissioned for these public art projects will be selected from two registries of pre-qualified artists (Artist Registries). This Registry is for artists who have experience making permanent, site-specific public artwork; opportunities will be available for exterior and interior projects, be appropriate for artists working in a variety of materials and styles, and have a range of project budgets. Individual contracts may range from approximately $20,000 to $200,000. (*Additional eligibility restrictions for artists who currently have work in the Alameda County Art Collection. Refer to the complete application for details or call the Arts Commission office for more information.)

Alameda County Arts Commission: Artist Registry - Small Scale Artwork Commission Projects

Entry Deadline: 3/19/10

Open to artists who live, work, or rent/own a studio in Alameda County, California.* Many of Alameda County’s capital improvement projects include a Percent-for-Art Program in which professional artists are commissioned to make artwork for each site. Due to the upcoming schedule of construction projects, many of the artists commissioned for these public art projects will be selected from two registries of pre-qualified artists (Artist Registries). This Registry is for artists who are making small to mid-sized, wall-mounted, two-dimensional or low-relief artwork. Individual contracts may range from $4,000 to $20,000; artists may be commissioned to make a one new artwork or a new series of work.

Prospectus #206 New Mexico State University O'Donnell Hall

Entry Deadline: 3/25/10

The Art in Public Places Program of New Mexico Arts and the Local Selection Committee at New Mexico State University seek an artist or artist team to create a site-specific commission project at O’Donnell Hall, home of the College of Education, in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Professional artists who are legal residents of the United States and who are experienced in creating public funded commission projects are invited to submit qualifications to this opportunity. $170,900 is available for this project.

18th Annual Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA) International Exhibition

Fee: $35.00 (18th Annual Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA) International Exhibition)
Entry Deadline: 3/31/10

The Art Museum of Los Gatos, Los Gatos, CA This annual exhibition is limited to works in 100% colored pencil and is the only venue where CPSA members can earn the CPSA Signature Status. The exhibition features over $16,000 in awards including the $2500 Best of Show award and CIPPY Trophy.

2010 Art on Parade - Northglenn CO

Entry Deadline: 3/31/10

The Northglenn Arts and Humanities Foundation (NAHF) is conducting an open entry competition to select six sculptures ─ valued at no more than $20,000 each ─ to be part of Northglenn’s “Art on Parade” on-loan sculpture program. The selected pieces will be installed for a period of one year at E.B. Rains Junior Memorial Park surrounding Webster Lake in Northglenn, Colorado.

Artspace: Artists Association Professional Membership

Fee: $30.00 (Artspace Artists Association Professional Membership)
Entry Deadline: 4/1/10

Artspace Artists Association (AAA) is an organization of artists working together in Raleigh, NC to promote growth of the individual artist, to provide an environment of interaction with other artists and with the public, and to foster the mission of Artspace. Professional artists interested in becoming a member of the Artspace Artists Association must be juried in through a two-stage jury process. The first phase of the jurying takes place through Artists who pass the first phase of the jury must be able to bring their work to Artspace in Raleigh, NC for the second phase of jurying.

Piedmont Craftsmen 2010

Fee: $30.00 (Piedmont Craftsmen 2010)
Entry Deadline: 4/16/10

Thank you for your interest in Piedmont Craftsmen and welcome to the annual jury process for exhibiting members. Since its founding in 1964, Piedmont Craftsmen has evolved into one of the nation’s most highly respected craft guilds, presenting an annual Fair that is considered one of the finest in the southeastern United States. Total sales by 125 exhibiting craftsmen are estimated at nearly $400,000. Piedmont Craftsmen’s Gallery and Shop anchor the Arts District in downtown Winston-Salem, NC. The gallery attracts over 18,000 visitors each year, and grossed more than $250,000 in sales of fine craft. Visit for more information about Piedmont Craftsmen. Piedmont Craftsmen holds a two-part jury process each year for craftsmen interested in becoming Exhibiting Members. Part 1, the Image Jury, is being conducted on CaFE at in partnership with the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF). This online process requires that all application images and materials be submitted in digital format. Applicants must live and work in one of the Southeastern states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia or the District of Columbia. Deadline: The application, images and other required materials must be submitted electronically by midnight, Thursday, April 16, 2009 to

The Plaque!!

There was lots of discussion about what the plaque would look like with most of it centered around it's size. Like all aspects of a public art project, lots of practical issues has to be taken into account. With each size we weighed the pros and cons against what we wanted to present in a finished product. I played devil's advocate.

An 8.5 x 11.5 inch plaque would be visible across the street, easily read by everyone including those with poor eye sight. That size would allow for a long and detailed story. However, would people feel obligated to fill all that space? Dis it take away from the intimate relationship between the viewer and the plaque?

An oval plaque would be interesting but might be difficult to cut given the time and for those who wanted to add images, it wasn't the best option.

I advocated for a smaller plaque but with the help Carolyn and Jordon a plaque size was determined.

The plaque will be 6" high by 7" wide. It will be made out of Masonite and painted to look regal and important deserving of the information presented within it.

Central High!!

I had the pleasure of presenting to the young artists at Central High. I saw some budding talent from a couple of the students who's names I wish I had gotten. I want to thank Kristen Duncan for inviting me and Kory Joseph for taking some great pics.

So You Want a Plaque!

It is very simple.

All you need to do it provide your story/experience/joke/photographs etc. and a location for placement. That's all. You are done.

  • The story should be about 75 words or less
  • Should have a title
  • And how you want to be identified, if at all (it is more interesting to be identified even if it's only a first name or initials
All "plaques" will be placed on Common Ground on Google Maps.

Information can be posted on this blog or emailed to with Common Ground in the Subject box.

Common Ground on Google Maps

View Common Ground: St. Croix, USVI in a larger map

The collaborative team felt that it was important for this project to have a web presence. We came up with a way for people outside St. Croix to see the the information on the plaques and for the public to add their own virtual plaques. This will allow people in China and Australia and other parts of the world to read what makes St. Croix, St.Croix.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Common Ground: The Project

I came here with an empty but open mind. Knowing that I will have to collaborate on a public art project with whomever was interested in participating, whether they were artists or not. I was often asked what the project was or what form it would take and I always answered, "I don't know". And I really did not know. The project would come out of the people that were in the room and the surrounding community. The issues addressed in the ideas that the artists brought forth would evolve into a project along with the things I heard when I spoke to the people on the streets, or the things I saw when I took a stroll around the block. All those elements came together to make up the public art project titled Common Ground.

Common Grounds will consist of small plaques which will be placed around St. Croix. These plaques will create an intimate relationship between the viewer and the information on the plaque like having a one-on-one conversation. Not unlike the plaques that one might see on buildings of historic significance. However, our plaques will be different. They are about highlighting the hopes and dreams, history and experiences, loves and disappointments, trials and tribulations of individual in relation to a place. That place can be anywhere; from a building to a street corner, under a tree or a favorite bench or even the island in general. This is about giving the individual a voice, sharing some unknow or hidden history or highlighting events of significance that others might not be aware of. The plaques can be text or photography or a combination of both, drawings or hand written messages. Old folks and young ones, Blacks, Whites, locals and expats this is for everyone. Crucians are full of interesting stories. This project is about these stories and the people who tell them.

What's On Your Mind?

Celeste in deep discussion.

As expected the artists (those who are currently making art and those who conceptualize ideas) came up with many different public art ideas. The concept behind the discussion was to put any and all ideas out there, find a common theme, and hope something develops into a project or series of projects. It was obvious what inspired them from the previous day's slide show as most ideas involved projection. One of Celeste's many ideas included projecting some of the historic imagery on the exterior surface of the Fort as a way to entice locals and tourists alike to the Fort and provide a dose of the rich history that surrounds the structure. Her idea would use public art as an educational tool and PR for the Fort.

In a very different direction, Carolyn's idea involved working with the young people. The concept involved obtaining confiscated firing arms from the police, destroying them then using the pieces to build sculptures when will be displayed throughout the island. Similar project have been very successful in bringing attention and reduction in gun violence in many of the cities I've worked in especially when local government agencies collaborate with the artists.

The local architectural "ruins" inspired Janet's public art proposal. With the use of projection through the window openings of the once beautiful coral building, parts of what might have occupied those rooms return to haunt the crumbling structure.

The sixth graders Nyomi, Chadiya, Kiyarra, Anisha, Quianna had about 10-15 suggestions of what the public art should do which reminded the group that the younger artists-to-be had a voice as well.

Mike suggested a web presence while Barbara spoke passionately about the "invisible" people which ignighted issues that were on everyone's mind. Esh and La Vaughn discussed some strong ideas and concepts that were on their minds for a while which I hope they explain on this blog (hint, hint).

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Let The Ideas Flow Freely

I was pleasant surprised that people did the homework. And to top it off there wasn't a bad idea in the bunch. I will go into detail about the ideas in another post but for now I wanted to thank everyone for participating so far. Some of the common themes revolved around the shared history, identity - particularly when it comes to self identification and "invisible" people.

The Next meeting will be at 2PM, Monday at the Museum Center.

What is Public Art - A Sampling

The project began with a slide show about public art. It covered various forms and expressions. Some of the projects were made out of expensive carbon materials while others, cheap garbage bags or masking tape. Some took up many city blocks while others were the size of a match stick. The slide show was meant to inspire and stimulate the creativity that I believe every one possesses. Everyone who attended was given homework- come in the next day with ideas or things that are on your mind that can be addressed through a public art project. Below is a small sampling of the images shown.